American Veterans of the War on Terror (

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We'd like to share some information about an organization called American Veterans of the War on Terror, We've been in contact with them since they first formed the group and we support them in their efforts. They formed to support the Veterans of recent conflicts in the war on terror. Here's some information from their Web site.

"AVWOT is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation that is completely independent -- we are non-partisan and not aligned with any political party, organization, platform or candidate.

We are warriors, the former strategists and tacticians, the special operators who hunt down the terrorists, the interrogators who look into the eyes and souls of the enemy, the experts who have studied our enemies before they were even known as our enemies and the soldiers who have lived in the terror zone while protecting freedom.

The American public deserves to hear and learn from our experiences and perspectives just as loudly as they are exposed to the opinions of journalists, politicians and celebrities who dominate the media outlets.


We are patriots, who remain committed first and foremost to our nation's security and are not motivated by partisan politics. We have no stake or interest in the success or dominance of any particular political party or candidate."

If you, or someone you know is a Veteran of the war on terror, contact at