Texas Marine has a LOT of support

We've been seeing a pretty interesting tradition come to life over the last year.

When a Soldier or Marine gets deployment orders to the Middle East, his or her whole extended family and friends get custom Deployed HeroBracelets made to wear while they are overseas. We even heard from one family that is going to make a chain from all the HeroBracelets when their Marine comes home.

One such family that we recently heard from is the Abernathy family from Texas City, Texas. Keith Abernathy Sr. ordered 27 Deployed HeroBracelets in his son's name, LCPL Chase Abernathy. We got a very nice email from him:

LCPL Chase Abernathy and family"Our families have lived in Texas City for the better part of 38 years and over those years, we've gotten to know a lot of people. Jacque Prewitt and Diane Dickson have kids who are friends of Chase's and did all the leg work for this project. Chase is a very friendly person and was popular in school. These friends and family members are who we are getting the bracelets for. This is all about support for our service men and women. It's not about politics. Your bracelets remind me of the POW bracelets from the Vietnam Era."Âť

We wish LCPL Abernathy a safe return to all his family and friends back in Texas Ci