Soldiers' Angels Living Legends

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Military history is replete with time honored traditions. None are more sacred than those which honor a country's military dead. The military code of "leave no man behind" insures a soldier that his sacrifice will be honored from the moment he dies on the battlefield and that his remains will be treated with the dignity and respect accorded a brother in arms. In every conflict there are examples of soldiers honoring these traditions, sometimes with their own lives.

Soldiers' Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping soldiers and their families, has instituted a project called Living Legends. The project was formed to bring caring messages of comfort to the family members of fallen soldiers and to honor the soldier's memory. One aspect of Living Legends is the donation of a memorial tree to the families of soldiers who have died in the service of their country . The hope is that the tree will grow and flourish, giving the family and friends a living monument to the bravery and heroism of their loved one. Soldiers' Angels has recently donated the 100th Living Legend to the family of a fallen soldier. Cathy Woodruff, the team leader of the Living Legends project says, "The team has tried to express the sorrow and grief that we know all Americans feel for the loss of our precious and beloved soldiers. So many have sacrificed for our freedoms, we hope this helps to ensure that we never forget what it takes to keep our liberties." Continuing the tradition of civilian support of American soldiers, Soldiers' Angels sponsors programs which provide aid to American soldiers and their families. In addition to the Living Legends Project, Soldiers' Angels' programs include first responder packs, support, and laptop computers to wounded soldiers who are receiving treatment at American military hospitals: care packages, letters, and support to deployed soldiers; armored blankets to military ambulances; and items shipped for deployed soldiers to give children in the war zone.

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