VA To Open A Level One Poly-Trauma Center In San Antonio

Currently in the VA Healthcare system there are 4 poly-trauma centers operating. Level one poly-trauma centers are considered the most advanced hospitals for veterans. Polytrauma care is for veterans and returning service members with injuries to more than one physical region or organ system, one of which may be life threatening, and which results in physical, cognitive, psychological, or psychosocial impairments and functional disability. Some examples of Polytrauma include:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Hearing Loss




Visual Impairment

The VA currently operates Level One Poly-Trauma Rehabilitation Centers in Richmond, Va., Tampa, Fl., Minneapolis, Mn and in Palo Alto, Ca. In addition, the VA operates a network of Poly-trauma network sites. There are 17 poly-trauma network sites, located in Boston, Ma., Syracuse, NY, Bronx, NY, Phiadelphia, Pa, Washington DC, Augusta, Ga, Indianapolis, In, Lexington, Ky, Cleveland, Oh, Hines, Il, St. Louis, Mo, Houston, Tx, Dallas, Tx, Tucson, Az, Denver, Co, Seattle, Wa and West Los Angeles, Ca.

According to the VA Poly-trauma system of healthcare website, the various sites have different purposes.

Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers provide acute, comprehensive, inpatient rehabilitation. They maintain a full team of dedicated rehabilitation professionals and consultants from other specialties related to polytrauma. The Centers serve as consultants to other facilities in the Polytrauma System of Care.

Polytrauma Network Sites provide specialized, post-acute rehabilitation in consultation with the Rehabilitation Centers in a setting appropriate to the needs of veterans, service members, and families. These Network Sites provide proactive case management for existing and emerging conditions and identify local resources for VA and non-VA care.

Polytrauma Support Clinic Teams are groups of rehabilitation providers who deliver follow up services in consultation with regional and network specialists. They assist in managing the long-term effects of Polytrauma through direct care, consultation, and the use of tele-rehabilitation technologies, as needed.

The new Level One Poly-Trauma Center in San Antonio, will be built at the site of the Audie Murphy VA Hospital Campus. The addition of this center, will provide acute care to veterans and service members in the Central Region of the United States and allow veterans and servicemembers from that area of the country to be closer to home, while recovering from their injuries. The project will be funded with the 2007 Wartime supplemental funding bill, as well as fiscal year 2008 military construction and veterans' appropriations bill. Upgrades will also be made to the VA Polytrauma centers in Palo Alto, Tampa, Minneapolis and Richmond.

We're constantly hearing that the Military and the VA aren't doing enough to prepare for our Troops who are being injured in the warzones. This is another example of the steps that are being taken to ensure that our Wounded Warriors receive the best and most advanced medical care that is availab