Warrior Weekend information

The Mission:

Warrior Weekend provides weekends of rest and relaxation for soldiers and marines who have been wounded in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan and are undergoing recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.. The missions are funded by both individuals and organizations and are no cost to the soldiers and marines who participate.

Wounded service members, and their families who are in residence at Walter Reed are welcome. Missions focus on small groups of 10-12, and allow participants to enjoy themselves at various destination cities. Participants choose their own schedule. The mission provides activities, but allows each participant the freedom to do their own thing.

The mission was started by Steve Udovich, an Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and decorated Iraq combat veteran, (CIB, BS). He paid a visit to Walter Reed in December of 2006, and started this mission the following month.

Steve welcomes the help of individuals, businesses, and organizations in the form of both donations and complimentary services. He encourages organizations to get behind this and support a mission or a mission component, (rooms, meals, trans.).

Steve welcomes organizations that wish to plan and conduct their own fund-raising efforts, control the funds they raise, and earmark those funds for use in support of a specific mission component. He also welcomes organizations that will make an annual committment to Warrior Weekend so as to secure the future of the mission.

How to Help:

We welcome contributions and help from both individuals and businesses.

Make checks payable to:

Warrior Weekend


Warrior Weekend Fund

100 Veterans Lane

Newark, DE 19