My Hero, Darrel Kasson.

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I am writing to tell you about my son Darrel Kasson. He was very loved by everyone in his unit. He always was the first to volunteer were ever he was needed. He wanted to be with his men and not behind a desk. When they went out to escort the convoy he always wanted to be in the lead vehicle and almost always in the drivers seat. He spent many hours working on the vehicles and building  they called the house. He worked at the Arizona State Prison in Florence Arizona and was looking forward to retirement from both the guards and the prison and was planning to move to the White Mountain area of Arizona. He had his yrs in with the guards and about 2 yrs left at the prison. I have been told by his peers what a great man is was. My heart aches for him every day. He is always with me.

We all honor him by wearing the bracelets that we got through your company. I am not sure how to attach any pictures, but I will work on getting some to you.

Thank you

Sheron Jones