My Hero, Gunny Smith.

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I tired to pass Marine boot camp in 1994 directly after high school, he was my platoon sgt in 1st recuit battalion charlie company.  Well, due to reasons I was sent home after 6 months of training, he brought me to his office.  He asked me what I wanted to be in life and i answerred a Recon Marine.  With his scuba bubble and air wings shining he laughed and said you want to be like me?  I answerred yes!  and he said just stay safe, and work hard then I would be allowed to recruit training again.

Well 4 years later I was in recruit training again... I passed this time and was sent to 1/1/1 a company for 2 years.  I deployed with them and was a very successful SAW gunner in the 1st platoon of the Marine Corps. I volunteered for Recon when I came home.

I was sitting in a room full of Ropers at 1st Recon Co.  and in walked my old platoon sgt from boot.  Then gunny smith...  and I felt an emormous pride knowing this man. I succeeded and passed Recon Training with him by my side, he is and always will be a Marine Recon Legend.  Just hearring this man talk sent pride and inspiration through our souls...

He was promoted and went to 1/5 but had plans on making it to be a Recon Sgt, Major...  when he was killed in Iraq.

We miss him... and that's all I have to say...  Recon MOJT 1st class will always live forever!  SEMPER FI!!!!

Brian Kach