Wonderful memorial.

Dear HeroBracelets,

We ordered a pair of your memorial bracelets last week and they arrived yesterday. I have to say, we were both genuinely moved when we took them out of the package and put them on. We don't know anyone who has fought in the war, but we felt we wanted to show how much we support and care for those who are fighting. We've made several donations to military family support organizations and while researching them, we came across your memorial bracelet web site.

The bracelets are beautiful and very powerful symbols. I can't imagine a better tribute than this. My husband and I are both wearing our memorial bracelets and already we've had several people ask us about them and the soldiers who's names are on them. We're going to research who these young soldiers are so we can share with others their memories.

Thank you for giving us a simple and beautiful way to honor our military. We will cherish them for many years to come.

April DeFevre

Houston, Te