People wearing your memorial bracelets.

Dear Herobracelets folks,

I was shopping last week and the gentleman in front of me at the checkout line was wearing a black bracelet with a name on it. I asked him about his bracelet and he explained to me that he bought it to remember his nephew, who was killed in Afghanistan. We were both pretty moved and, I have to admit, I started to get pretty emotional. I'm sure people around the checkout line were wondering what was going on. Two people who had never met were on the verge of tears and hugged in the line.

Then I saw Senator McCain talk in his speech about the memorial bracelet he wears. It occurred to me that what you at HeroBracelets have done a very powerful thing. You've given everyone a chance to hold close someone that means the world to them. The conversation I had with a total stranger in that market will stay with me for many years. I ordered a random bracelet this morning and I plan to learn about the soldier or marine and I'll look forward having many conversations with others to forward a memory.

Thank you Herobracelets for what you have done. You've made an impact on my life and many others.

Sarah Riley

San Diego,