My Hero. My Daughter.

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I live in Austin. I wore a heroes bracelet while my daughter was in Iraq. I will one again when she is redeployed.  I also would need a new one because my daughter went from SGT to SSGT. She is a hero in my eyes and goes above and  beyond. She has been awarded the navy marine achievement medal and has put up for another one. She is a convoy commander and traveled over 160,00 while she was in Iraq providing security . She was nominated for female marine of the year last year. She also was honor grad when she graduated form marine survival instructor school, where she was the only female out of 18. So I could go on and on. But , I have worn the bracelet. When I touch it I think of her and I am so proud of her and all that she has sacrificed for our country.

A very proud momma,

Connie Ho