My Hero, waiting to deploy.

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I would love to tell the story of my son, Roger, who is waiting to deploy again any day. The ash from the volcano is keeping him home. He and his wife had a baby 07-08-2008 and he did not survive. He wasn't due until December of that year. Now they have a precious baby boy born 02-15-10 and he, like so many others, have to leave that precious baby to go back to Iraq. Fortunately, he was home for the delivery and a couple months. Thank God for that. I never had children of my own and I was lucky enough to get Roger when he was nine years old. He had some trying years, but I am so proud of that young man now. He has a wonderful wife and now a beautiful little boy that looks just like him. I haven't seen him in a couple years. He is my Hero......

Debbie Burwe