Operation Christmas Card.

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Operation Christmas Cards: THANK YOU!! 126,219 plus 12,700 = 138,919 Cards on their way

Operation Christmas Cards would like to thank all of you for your continued support of our troops. Due to your continued participation through cards and donations more than 138,000 cards will be making the long journey overseas this holiday.

Last year 87,329 cards went out and we received 12,700 after the deadline had passed. Upon opening this season in August and counting the cards that have arrived up until today the total for the 2010 season as of this moment is 126,919 cards.

That means that over 138,000 troops will be recieving holiday cards this season to let them know that they are loved, supported, thought of and appreciated for all that they do for our country. We all know that they deserve much more than a card, but its the little things that count and mean the world to them. This is all because of YOU!!! THANK YOU for showing them your support this holiday season and participating in this years program. We know that many of you have brought this program to your families, businesses, schools, communities and more!

We also want to let all of you know that one thing MAY change for next year. We have sent in an application for the Pepsi Refresh Program in the $50,000 category so that we can send out care packages filled with holiday goodies in addition to the cards. The application has been recieved and the people at Pepsi will let us know by January 1st if we will be entered into the running. In which case, we will be coming to you asking for your votes so that we can all do more for our troops!