Honoring SSG Joshua L. White

At HeroBracelets.org, we love to share stories of our country's Heroes. Here is one sent in my Mrs. Mindy White.  So beautifully written and a great story of love and commitment (both of the soldier and of his wife). Thank you, SSG Joshua L. White.  You are a true American Hero:

My husband is my hero and here is why.We married while he was home from overseas on R&R and he went straight back to Iraq the next morning.That deployment totalled 22 worrisome months.
He married me with 2 children and has never treated them differently.He wants for them the same as a biological father should.Success,happiness,love,memories etc.
Hes always been a wonderful husband and father.Always wanting us to have the best while striving to do his best at everything.Many military schools took him away from us for extended periods of time but when he returned he always has the same strength and desire to achieve.
He came from a very difficult upbringing.Living where ever he could find a place to sleep and never able to really trust people.So it took some time to break through the abuse and neglect from his childhood.
Now after several years in the service he has had a recent diagnosis of Cardiomyopathy.(service connected)It has really gotten him down as he is now unable to do all the things he loves.Nothing strenuous!No more tough workouts,no running,no extreme temps,no more tough mudders (he had just participated in one before the diagnosis)and no triathalons(which was a bucketlist item).As we ponder what the future holds for his military career as well as our futures he still has a wonderful attitude and always a smile.
He is an amazing man.My husband.
Ssg.Joshua L.White
Thank you,
Mrs.Mindy White