"Perfectly Imperfect" Spartan Tribute HeroBracelet

To Staff and volunteers at HeroBracelets:

I have had several memorial bracelets over the last 5 years. Everywhere I get them they always look and fit great. But they always wear out. Quickly. But I continue to wear them anyways. When I was looking to replace my recently retired bracelet I stumbled across your HeroBracelets website. I may have visited it before I couldn't say whether I have or not. Previously, the cost for the custom Copper may have deterred me. This time around I wanted a bracelet I wasn't going to have to replace. Cost was not an object this time. I looked at the sizes and designs on the website for about 3 days before deciding. Reading everything over and over. My only concern was my OCD and the letters hand stamped on the custom Spartan Copper Herobracelet, not being perfectly aligned and spaced. Regardless I went ahead with my order. 8 days later I went to my mailbox and there was my bracelet. Faster than I expected too. As I opened the box and unwrapped the bracelet i was feeling a bit anxious of the appearance. The lettering, the size, the spacing. I couldn't be happier. It's perfectly imperfect. I'll never get another remembrance bracelet anywhere else. The addition of a hand written note just made it that much more personal and concrete. I cannot thank you enough for making sure my buddy is always displayed for all to see, appreciate and remember. Thank you for making it a special and meaningful process for me


Kiernan C.
thank you Kiernan, it is an honor to read your letter and post this photo of you with your amazing daughter <3